ADSL Lines

SJITP can offer you ADSL data bundles. ADSL line bundles at competitive rates. SJITP is a support company will install and configure all the ADSL line capacity and together with our mobile data offering can provide failover capabilities allowing your business to work 24/7.

We also offer and implement line balancing enabling you to have multiple ADSL's either act as backup lines or as multiple high capacity lines.

We provide regular Uncapped Services / Uncapped Business Services / Capped Services and of course static IP addresses where needed.

Mobile Data

We can provide you with mobile data for your office, laptop or 3G card up to LTE. We not only can provide the hardware that goes with the 3G data connectivity but can also setup this to work with your ADSL so you can get a failover solution if your ADSL line is going down.

Voice Over IP Services

We already provide all the data you need, but we can also provide you with telephone services. Need to connect your road warriors to your office.

Need an automated system that answers your phone calls and route them appropriately. Our VOIP Application Platform allows all this and added to this we do per second billing enabling you to save big on those 35-second calls.

Voicemail to email, Call Records are all standard features on our VOIP platform just ask us to set it up to integrate into the way you work.