ADHoc On Site Support

SJITP offer on site Adhoc support to client needing support with their desktop. Client that do not wish to have a contract in place but need support every now and then can hire SJITP in an adhoc manner.

Client will be billed for callout and time on site.

Remote Support

In many cases problems can be solved remotely. This save the client the expense of a callout fee. We also bill in shorted time intervals saving client some money for short solutions.

On Site Contract

In some cases you might need an IT person on site. We offer support contract where we place a person on site for a number of hours per week depending on the client needs.

The contract is prepaid for several month with a discount for the number of hours purchased. This works out slightly cheaper per hour and gives our client the same advantages as having a hiring an IT person full time. But without the costs.