Hardware Development

Like with software development it is sometime necessary to develop something specific that you might need internally. We do not have the facilities to develop whole new processors but we have the knowledge and partnerships to design and manufactur specialised hardware to fit your needs.

If you need a kiosk in your sales office or something to control your trade show or window display lights we can help.

Hardware Resale

Like with Software we have all the necessary accounts in place to purchase most required hardware. We can negotiate prices on behalf of our clients and we make sure we source the best possible hardware.

As a support company we look at total cost of ownership , reliability, down time and other requirements when sourcing hardware.  

In many cases this results in short term higher costs but a much lower cost over a longer period.

Hardware Maintenance

We source the best hardware we can find but there is still some hardware that break or that are used in very harsh enviroments. SJITP provide the necessary expertise to maintain and fix this hardware if the need arises.