Windows Server Support

Our top level support engineers have 20 years of relevant experience. We have worked with small, medium and large companies building mission critical system for companies.

We have worked with both older technology and we are constantly updating our knowledge base on newer technologies as they emerge from the market.

Linux Server Support

Like with our Windows engineers we have Linux engineers with 20 years experience in the Linux arena. We have implemented linux in mission critical environments.

This means we can implement services at a fraction of the cost of Windows only environment not only saving you money but also reducing downtime and increasing performance. Ask us to suggest a Linux alternative.

Network Services Support

Not only have we worked with Servers we also have experience in setting up and maintaining complex network. Implementing and configuring routers both in a lan environment and a metropolitan area.

Multiple sites, VPN's, Web, DNS, Email, Ethernet, ADSL, Mobile are all technologies that we work with everyday. We can implement it in your company to take advantage of the