Software Development

SJITP is primarily a IT Support company but in many cases clients require a small change or a specific feature that is simply not available in a current package.

SJITP do language agnostic software development in cases where a standard package is simply not available. This means we can use the appropriate tools to develop what you need in the shortest time possible with the lowest realistic development costs.

Out Linux experience and Open Source heritage also means that in many cases we can reuse components to speed up the development even more.

We specialise in small projects that enhance bigger projects rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

Software Resale

SJITP is primarily a support company but as with all support company our clients require software to run their computer systems and businesses.

SJITP have accounts with all the big software resellers and can negotiate the best price for you. We install packages like Windows, Office, Exchange, Ubuntu, Postfix, Squid, Apache, Samba on a daily basis.

Software Maintenance

Weather we like it or not most software packages require a reasonable amount of maintenance and tuning to perform at it's best.

With SJITP's extensive knowledge and expertise we can shorten the downtime and enhance you experience with regular maintenance of the software installed on your various systems.