Today email have become a very important tool for businesses and home users. SJITP offer a full range of email services from hosted email services to full business forward and connectivity services.

We can host your email off site on one of our servers. We also offer services to host your email locally with special setup to allow email to be delivered directly to your office only storing emails on the cloud when your connectivity drops.


We offer a full range of web services. We offer basic Web hosting services for the client just wanting a web site. That will upload their static web site.

We also offer fully functioning CRM and Web design systems for client that want to design their own web site and setup ecommerce.

Database backing and dedicated servers are also possible.

Domain Name Service

No Web or Email is complete. We host your domain allowing you to change the setting that need to be change and have it available immediately. 

Having your DNS, E-Mail and Web hosted in the same interface simplifies management considerably.